We’re always there for you and your Loved Ones
We’re always there for those aging in place and for the ones who worry about them.
Many family members and caregivers worry about the difficult challenges of their Mother, Father or Senior client wishing to remain in their home, alone, as they age in place. Their continued independence is important to them but the ability of friends, family members or Healthcare teams to monitor the Senior’s wellbeing each day is nearly impossible.

Ring at Home provides family members and Healthcare teams with peace-of-mind about the Senior's daily well-being with check-in calls and important reminders to ensure their continued health and safety. Our state-of-the-art service has no complicated devices or uncomfortable wearables to challenge the Senior. Our basic service begins with personalized, automated phone calls to check-in and then notify you and your network of  Healthcare team, family and friends that Senior is well, or may be in need of assistance. And, we'll let you know when there's no response too. We've got you and your loved ones protected!

If they’re in need of medication or appointment reminders, Ring at Home is there to assist with this task as well. Our solutions keep your family members connected and informed!

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How does Ring at Home work?

YES! Anyone who requires check-in calls or a reminder service while notifying their network of family and friends can use our service. Seniors in their 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, or older, enjoy the ease-of-use and simplicity of Ring at Home knowing that their well-being is being monitored each day and family members will always know they are safe. In some circumstances, those with disabilities or impairments, whether young or older, may require daily assurance calls to help them feel safe and Ring at Home is an affordable solution for their needs as well.  Protect yourself or your Loved Ones when living alone, before an emergency occurs with [site:name].

Seniors who live alone are always at a higher risk of injury or illness and may not have the ability to call to obtain help when needed. For those who live alone or are aging in place, it could take hours or even days before anyone is made aware of an emergency. Ring at Home provides a predictable and consistent means of keeping you and your Loved Ones informed and assured of their well-being each and every day. Our system monitors and notifies everyone in the network of a loved one’s daily status so peace-of-mind prevails.

“Peace-of-Mind, Safety and well-being” is the philosophy that Ring at Home is built upon. It keeps us pursuing the best technology and systems for premiere monitoring, and service capabilities at affordable prices for everyone. Some of our Ring at Home employees use our systems to protect their family members and keep them informed knowing they are safe and sound. 

Ring at Home is the most comprehensive and affordably priced service in the market today. Our monthly fee is only $9.95 and includes a daily check-in call and medication or appointment reminders. All for one low, monthly fee.  Ring at Home is risk-free, has no hardware costs, long-term contracts or cancellation fees, and gives you a FREE 30-day trial to test and apply our monitoring service. 

There are no activation or set-up fees and your account can be set-up by you in as little as 3 minutes! Contact Us to get started. If you require a reliable, affordable, risk-free, wellness check-in service for yourself or a loved one, Ring at Home is the perfect service!

Our service will make 3 attempts to call your loved one each day. If, after the 3rd attempt they do not answer the phone, or we continue to receive an answering machine or voicemail message, we will immediately notify your network of family and friends that there may be an emergent situation that requires their immediate attention. Notifications are made using text messaging and/or email messages, depending on the features you’ve selected during the subscription sign-up process.

Yes, you or your loved one who has access to the account, may pause the service at any time and for any length of time. Billing will continue and you may reactivate your service when you’re ready.

We service the entire United States including Alaska and Hawaii. Our service covers both rural and city areas, and may be forwarded and portable to wherever your loved one may be on any given day. We’ve got you covered wherever you may be!

Our check-in service was designed with seniors foremost in our minds. The sign-up process is simple and straight-forward so most senior customers are able to do it themselves. Our set-up includes very simple set up instructions, and our customer service team is available by phone to work with you or your parent should they require extra help. 

Yes you are able to change, edit, remove or add members to your notification network at any time. The Ring at Home system will automatically update your changes and take effect immediately.

Yes. The billing for your Ring at Home account can be different than the person you’ve identified to use our service. Your billing information, family and friend network and check-in features can be updated or changed at any time by simply logging into your account or giving us a call.

Ordering our service is easy! You can sign up online at www.ringathome.com/contact-us, or over the phone by calling 617.500.4650.

Any phone line, whether mobile or landline will work with our Ring at Home service. All major telephone carriers accept our service.

No, a landline is not needed. If you utilize a mobile phone, Ring at Home will be able to call you anytime, anywhere.

Once you complete the sign-up section of the Ring at Home service, selected your features and listed your family and friend network, the service and a free 30-day trial will begin immediately following an email verification. There’s no wait-time, activation period or hardware to purchase. Simply set-up your account and relax. We’ll take care of the rest so you’re good to go!