Ring at Home is a subscription-based service that provides seniors, Home Care Agencies, and families with enhanced reminder services and wellness check-in calls that monitor the well-being of their seniors.

Our focus is on low cost, low intrusion, zero-learning curve solutions that leverage existing technology in the senior’s home.  Our goal is to make seniors safe while they Age in Place.

Our system monitors seniors, and then connects and informs the network of care providers and family members regarding their healthcare compliance and wellbeing. Our system is highly flexible and scalable.

Ring at Home is quickly becoming a “must-have” critical component of elderly care and support during the COVID-19 crisis

“We now know more about who is at risk," US Surgeon General Jerome Adams said. "(The) average age of death for people from coronavirus is 80. The average age of people who need medical attention is age 60."

Ring at Home keeps their network of caregivers and family members informed on a daily basis and alerts everyone to any abnormalities that may occur. We provide additional coverage to Home Care companies, and families desiring to utilize a low-cost, low-intrusion technology for mass adoption in a young and fragmented growing space.

Ring at Home doesn’t need any additional complex, expensive equipment.  The senior only needs to have a phone!  The system is easily administrated by either a health care provider or family.  The dashboard scheduler can be managed by your computer browser or cell phone.  There is no need to download complex applications.  There are easy to use graphic instructions on how to set up calls and your network of Caregivers, family, and friends