Partner with Us

There hasn't been a single, daily, low-cost, easy-to-use solution on the market to help consistently monitor the wellbeing and ensure the healthcare compliance of seniors who are in need of assistance. Ring at Home's service is affordably priced, user friendly, and provides a great solution for seniors and their care network.

The Ring at Home system empowers healthcare providers with the services that will:

   o   Expand your portfolio of care services 

   o   Generate additional revenues through our Partner Program

   o   Keep clients living independently in their home longer

   o   Maintain and ensure the daily wellbeing of clients without having to use valuable staff       

   o   Fill coverage gaps when staff or family members can't be there

     Reduce care costs  

   o   Receive consistent, daily data that enables you to catch potential problems earlier

   o   Minimize nutritional concerns

   o   Ensure better medication compliance

   o   Minimize crisis

   o   Achieve greater customer retention with services that families love and appreciate

   o   Reduce employee burnout and turnover by letting Ring at Home take-on the tasks that consume
        a caretaker's valuable time

   o   Achieve peace-of-mind

We utilize existing technology to ensure adoption and ease-of-use, while being highly customizable for your specific needs. There are no hardware costs or learning curves to overcome - all your client needs is a phone! Set-up is quick and easy.

Let Ring at Home be one of your service differentiators!